Wetlands and Grasslands Foundation

The Wetlands and Grasslands Foundation is a Registered "Not for Profit" Environmental Association and registered as a Limited Liability Company under Australian Law.

Its principal objective is:

To enhance scientific and community understanding of wetlands and grasslands and associated areas through research, education, management, visitation and promotion, so that these natural resources will be sustained for the productive benefit of all current and future generations.

The foundation was formed following a grant from the Queensland Government and during its development has had the support of Government at all levels, Scientific and Educations Organisations and Institutions at both national and international levels and many other groups and individuals from within the general community.

Among the central aims is a commitment to demonstrate sustainable development and conservation at the practical level involving:

  • Water and conservation use;
  • Land management and its enhancement
  • Interpretation of the wider landscape, its features, wildlife and vegetation; and,
  • Demonstrating incentives to enhance greater private sector involvement in practical land and water use.